Battle of the Blogs – WtP:Operation Sea Lion AAR – Turn 3

Take a look at the German Turn 3 over at Chip’s Fog Of Wargames blog.

Turn 3

Finally the German invasion force get a taste of Good Old British Weather! I’m not entirely sure how this affects their plans, both naval and on land, but I hope it seriously dampens their spirits.

Much to my chagrin, the German corridor is still open for business.

Here’s a look at the map as of the beginning of Turn 3, the forked dark cloud is still hovering over the Southern coast and creeping like death in land.

I have some engineers at the bridge from Bognor Regis through to Worthing. I attempt to blow the bridge there to foul up or at least slow down the push west along the coastline.

The charges are placed too low, and only surface structures are damaged. The lads must be panicking.

I want to see inside that ominous cloud. So I order some more recon.

Nothing to report. Wasted fuel and empty sorties.

The recently recruited 51st British Infantry division, are slowly trekking their way across the country eastwards. I decide to mobilise the railway system and use a strategic transfer to get them to the front, in double quick time. Here you can see the routes available for a group strategic move.

And here is where I want to drop them off, just South of Croydon, on the defensive front line. The transfer will cost 7750 of my 9000 rail transfer points conferred by XII Corps HQ.

To have a full infantry division in the line will be worth the expense. When they alight from the trains, their movement points are exhausted. On the next turn they can help the defensive effort with the current armoured unit stationed in the same area.

I begin the slow process to move my troops eastwards to join in the defensive struggle. I manage to sweep some infantry behind the German 7th Flieger and cut them off from their supply creating a small pocket. I call an air strike in on the pocket.

It’s ineffective. I guess I should have taken note of the forest cover they have, before expending the valuable action points of the RAF.

Time to call in what artillery I have to soften the area up. As you can see from the stack values 36/70, I haven’t got much in the area. But I’ll fire off what little I have anyway.

The artillery lay down heavy fire, and cause some casualties to the Falschirmjager hiding in the woods.

I’ve weakened them, a little. I won’t press the attack with my armour – don’t want to roll defensive tanks through forest chasing mobile paratroopers. I’ll mop them up with infantry next turn, when I have some more action points.

In a bold move, I pushed a US Tank Brigade southwards along the road and rail route. I want to see whats down there, and I want to harass them as best I can, to slow down any push northwards towards the capital. These tankers were happy to oblige.

We can now see the level of Naval Interdiction from Boulogne to Eastbourne. When the Royal Navy ramps up its activity in the English Channel, I’m hoping those numbers climb sharply and start to exert heavy attrition on the incoming German supplies.

Here’s a final look at our situation, with that push forward of the US armour the west most limb of the darkness doesn’t look quite so formidable. Looks like they may be thinking of pushing westwards to capture some of my coastal towns and cities. As long as they’re not helping with the push north into Fortress London, then I’m happy.

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