Battle of the Blogs – WtP:Operation Sea Lion AAR – Turn 2

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Turn 2

It looks like another clear day.

The German sea-bourne corridor is still open for business, and my air and naval intervention hasn’t drastically changed since last turn. This is bad news.

The Good News though is that command have managed to scrape together another division (the 51st) and mobilise it for the defense of London.

Sadly, they’re coming from Cheltenham, a long way west from where they are needed. Still, its good to know we have a little more Tommy’s to put in front of Jerry.

Three mixed infantry with mortars, AT guns and Vickers VI support, and an artillery unit. The more the merrier.

Here’s the map at the start of Turn 2. Click on it for a bigger more readable map. As you can see the German push inland is still progressing slowly, although their creep along the coastline (mainly westwards, is going well. They’ve taken Brighton.

Their advance inland, seems to be a forked formation pushing west past Horsham towards Guildford, and an eastward limb past Tonbridge and Sevenoaks. They have a single Falschirmjager unit in the center threatening a direct push north, but the majority of the threat seems to be crawling along the east limb of the fork. Once again the dark patches caused by the Fog of War give me the heebie jeebies. The worst part is not knowing whats out there.

With paranoia percolating, I order some air recon over the omnious dark patches.


Along the coastline we can see the Home Guard putting up a decent show of defiance just outside of Brighton, along with an infantry unit entrenched in Worthing itself. If the Germans want Worthing they’re going to have to lose some numbers. If they push past the Home Guard I’ll cut off their supply from Eastbourne.

I start thinking about cutting the roads westwards, by blowing the bridges. I send an engineer unit to the bridge at Midhurst over the river Arun. They set their explosives.

And Boom!

The bridge is gone! Anything I can do to slow their progress westwards will hopefully tie them up and prevent them from taking too many Victory Point objectives. I move the engineers southwards to kill the bridge leading from Worthing to Bognor Regis in subsequent turns.

With my bridge blowing mindset in full flow, I send a troop of Home Guard to blow the bridge connecting the road from Portsmouth/Fareham into Southampton. Pompey and Soton are major ports and the last I want is the Kriegsmarine sailing in there.

Bingo! The bridge goes up, the residents of Southampton feel a little safer, for now.

Those dark patches are preying on my mind again, so I order more Air Recon, just south of Horsham.

Again, nothing! I’m starting to think the dark clouds of the unknown are affecting my decisions more than they should. I’ll have to keep this affliction in check in future.

Galvanised by the negative air recon reports, I decide to send in the remaining air power to hit the paratroops on the central road leading north to London.

The air attacks are ineffectual, and we lose a spit to anti air!

Time to roll out some Artillery and hit them hard.

My big guns give the 7th Flieger a pounding. They take heavy losses.

Now to kick them when they’re down, I order my armour in to attack (with slight concentric and divisional bonuses applied – note I try to keep the stack count, 93,  just above the limit, 70 – the more I overstack the attack, the more casualties I’ll take due to overcrowding effects.)

The ground attack goes well, and inflicts even more damage on the 7th Flieger, enough to force them into retreat.

With the push in the center going my way, I decide to engage the western limb of the fork. I have a number of infantry moved in place encircling the Falschirmjager – I tried to cut off their supply but didn’t have enough movement in the 50th British Infantry to quite complete the manoeuvre.

The attack is successful, but the 50th and supporting troops take heavy losses for the win. The German paratroopers are forced into a retreat.

The squeeze applied will hopefully continue in subsequent turns and I can force them back down the roads they travelled up on. Giving me breathing space to get my defense organised at Fortress London.

Still pleading with the US to send help, I play an action card to request additional armour.

The US thankfully complies, and dispatch a US tank brigade to Croydon. The wall facing the invaders becomes a little stronger each turn.

Perhaps I can use some of the armour’s mobility to exert more of a squeeze back to the coastline?

You have been watching…


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