Battle of the Blogs – WtP:Operation Sea Lion AAR – Turn 10

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Turn 10

Once again the weather favours the German War Machine.

The interception is becoming more and more a factor the may turn the odds in Britain’s favour here.

Another Infantry Division assembles in Cheltenham, I am keen to get these men to the front line.

Here’s the state of play at the beginning of the British Turn 10. With our push to the coastline, using a lone US tank division we have effectively contained the German creep eastwards. Westwards we are not so lucky.

The Armoured push to the West continues, I’m hoping fuel shortages will bite before the Panzer’s can pick up enough momentum to pull around our Western flank.

On the East, we have cut through their lines, although we have been isolated from our own command and supply lines. The brave US Tank division has proved itself worthy by pushing to the coastline so swiftly and decisively.

We use up our rail transfer points to strategically transfer in the newly trained Infantry division from Cheltenham, I drop them into a crucial crossroads just ahead of the German Armoured push on the Western flank. By next turn they will be ready to fight for every inch of ground given to the Panzer’s.

The 59th are dropped in, with a few pieces of artillery to harass the enemy advance.

I send an air patrol in over Eastbourne, I want to see what the Germans are hiding in the main port supplying their troops on the front line.

It seems General Schweppenburg is commanding very little in Eastbourne itself, with only a few planes from the Fliegerkorps III situated at an airfield close by.

I spend the next few turns using up all my air reconnaissance power to peek into the dark clouds and see exactly what lies in the German rear lines. Very little it seems.

I prod the German front line for weaknesses, and hit them with Artillery first.

The German 26th take an initial pounding, with some casualties.

I then push my front line forward en masse to prize open these weakpoints and exploit the vacuum’s created.

The ground assault goes very well, and we break the German 26th!

I push what I can forward, and exploit the gaps to encircle and trap the remaining resistance, namely the German 34th Infantry Division.

By poking and pushing my way forward I managed to secure a gap and re-establish supply connections with the stranded US Tank Division on the coastline.

I have enough production points to play the Extra Tank card, begging the US to send in some armour to help the defensive effort. They kindly oblige. I dispatch them at Croydon.

Things seem to be going our way, I think the German push has spread itself too thin along the defensive front line. Without any major breakthrough, I hope I can keep plying units to the front, exploiting weaknesses and choking their incoming supplies until they grind to a halt and I can mop them up at my leisure.

You have been watching…

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