Battle of the Blogs – WtP:Bzura AAR – Turn 7

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The Sun shines today.

Checking the Objectives, always gives us a hint as to what might be happening with the Polish troops. The powerpoints score is up from last turn, which means they’re in retreat towards Warsaw.

Looking at the lie of the land on the German Turn 7. The battle has condensed down to two distinct areas of conflict, the western front being a cruel encirclement, constricting and herding the Polish troops trapped there, until their demise comes swiftly. The eastern front outside of Warsaw, is a more linear drive, poking cold fingers into the defensive solidity of the retreating Poles. I’ve likened it to a drill moving forward, inch by inch, grinding down the Polish rock face, looking for weak points to push the steel drill further.

The push eastwards is more like dragging your feet in molasses, no sooner have you made the step forward than the syrupy cloying gloop fills the hole behind you and starts to sap your ability to get support from your command behind.

As you can see the supply situation at the rock face is pretty dire, with the river tributary and the gun-train preventing smooth delivery up the shaft of the drill, with the tip cut off altogether! If I can’t get supply to the spinning drill bit, it will slow and grind to a halt. Just a stones throw away from the prize.

In the western Bulge, supply is good. The lasso of death is ready to be tightened up.

First things first, I must open up the supply to the eastern front. I decide to focus all my energies on shifting that gun-train and the troops stationed there with it.  I hit it with all the air capacity I have.

The damage dealt is quite substantial, enough to wreck the train itself, and to take out a fair bit of the accompanying artillery.

After some ineffective artillery bombardment, I engage in a ground assault of the area. With the 4th Panzers leading the charge!

We wreak havoc, the troops still alive flee in panic. Although we take some casualties in the process. The railway line chokepoint has been cleared.

Now to push what I can forward along it, and attempt to clear the whole line up to the front.

I decide to attempt to bring both of my offensive pushes together, the mid encroachment by the 18th/19th infantry division attack the weak engineers separating my two offensive limbs.

The engineers are no match for the force which is brought against them. The two attack limbs are now coupled and with luck I can make it a single heavier push forward.

The remaining Polish Cavalry camping the railway line can be hit hard by infantry and tanks to clear the tracks for my supplies.

The horsemen retreat.

We can now see the repaired supply lines to the Panzer front. By joining the attack limbs into one force I’m hoping I’ve made it stronger, and the Poles behind the front line have now become cut off from their supply and the ability to retreat further to protect Warsaw itself.  I’ll leave it to the SS Leibstandarte to clean them up.

The western bulge continues to shrink and devour all trapped within it. As it shrinks, I pull off units, I think I can spare, and start their march towards the front. Hopefully, in time, adding fuel to the German’s burning desire to take Warsaw!

Here’s the lie of the land at the end of the German Turn 7. An attack  on Lodz seems like a distant worry, now my main concern is can I push enough from the west to the east to make the final thrust into Warsaw.

Stay tuned for Turn 8!

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