Battle of the Blogs – WtP:Bzura AAR – Turn 10

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Heavy rain bogged us down this turn.

Checking the objectives, the Polish force is rapidly dwindling, with the powerpoints in the defensive area dropping from 611 to 498. The total dropping from 653 to 531. The slow but sure systematic destruction of the retreating Polish.

Here’s the lie of the land at the beginning of the German Turn 10. Since the focus of the conflict is now firmly centered on Warsaw itself, I can present the grand overview a bit more closely. The road to Warsaw is chocked full of the German War Machine, rolling eastwards.

Looking at the supply situation at the offensive front, you can see there are no supply issues to worry about. The cutting edge of the attack is on a broad enough scale to keep all parts full supplied, and there’s little worry of being cut off or isolated, simply because the Polish haven’t got the troop numbers. Their stranded Arty unit is presumably out of supply and action points, sitting terrified in their shell pocked bunker watching the rolling tide of steel wash past them and into the Polish Capital.

A quick look over to the west, to see the remaining movement eastwards. Everything I have is on a road now. Moving. The exploratory contingent I sent northwards towards the fortress have hit the front wall. Being only engineers they haven’t really got any bite to snap their way through the fortress area. The infantry troops following behind, just haven’t got enough turn time left to make it there.

A weakened Cavalry unit with supporting infantry is the place I choose to lay my first attack down. I send in all air units for an airstrike on their position.

The strike is ineffective. I’m quite disappointed by this. I expected at least some damage, from what I can tell, the enemy sustained absolutely zero damage. I sent all four air wings! I suspect the defensive capabilities of the Urban area was the defusing factor here. Plus the supporting Anti-Aircraft flak must’ve hampered my bombers and caused them to dump their eggs early. Not a good start. I’ll blame the weather and wire my pitiful explanation to the fuhrer.

After the failure of the Luftwaffe, I get a little paranoid. I start frantically checking all my Generals for playable cards to boost my attacking force in any way possible. I play Haste on the 17th Infantry Division at the point of attack.

General Herbert Osterkamp invigorates the Infantry with +25 more action points.

I consider hitting the Woly Cavalry from many sides, but I didn’t want the ground attacks from different directions to stack up and negate each other. So I decide to hit the 8th Infantry in the North. If I can move into their space, I begin to add encirclement bonuses to the main attack I will make later.

The Polish troops are panicked and they retreat back over the river.

With the encirclement idea firmly in my mind, I decide to hit the area South of the Woly Cavalry. I hit the Cavalry South, peppering them with Arty first.

I push all my troops in the South (including the SS Leibstandarte) against these Polish defenders and we completely break the Cavalry and force the supporting units into retreat.

I’m on the search again for anything to boost my thrust forward. I find another Haste card that I play onto the 4th Panzer Division.

General Gustav von Wietersheim inspires the 4th Panzer to gain an additional 25 action points.

That time has come. I need to hit the Woly Cavalry with all I have.

They are broken underneath my tracks. In panic the remainder retreat.

I push my tanks and support forward. I can smell it. I am on the doorstep of the Polish Capital Warsaw. I hit the Polish National Defense in the heart of Warsaw.

Even though I manage to break the ND, and shoo the remaining Polish Air force away, I haven’t got the Action Points (AP) to finish the job. The Polish HQ and a Cavalry Division hold on. You can see this combat only managed 4 rounds and then ran out of AP.

How utterly frustrating is that!?

So close to the end, yet stalled because I ran out of juice. My mind begins to question my decisions. I should have just pushed everything through the Woly Cavalry. I’ve diluted my attacks by keeping the offensive front as wide as I can, and perhaps the encirclement idea wasn’t such a good use of my Action Points.

I’m not even sure there is another turn! I’m hoping that the conflict isn’t resolved on the 11th Polish Turn! I NEED a final German Turn to finish the job I came here to do!!!

Here’s the supply situation at the front at the end of the turn.

Stay tuned for the final turn 11! If there is one!

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