Barbarossa Solitaire – 1942

We continue the struggle in Barbarossa Solitaire in 1942.


Winter 1942

The steel tracks of the Panzer Army roll on towards the cold bitter heart of the Soviet Motherland.


AGC2 moves into Smolensk. Minsk is Garrisoned.

AGS17 moves into Moldovia. Slovakia is Garrisoned.

AGN18 moves into Kurland. Riga is Garrisoned.



AGS17 attacks Odessa. 1 Unit Rolls 1d3 = 1 (+2 German Bonus from 1942) = 3, which is a successful attack, however 1 Unit is lost during the attack. Since AGS17 was the only Unit involved it was withdrawn from play and placed on the Winter 1943 reinforcements track.

AGN18 attacks Velikje Luki. 1 Unit Rolls 1d3 = 3 (+2 German Bonus from 1942) = 5, which is a SUCCESS! AGN18 moves into Velikje Luki.

AGC2/AGC4 attack Kursk. 2 Units Roll 1d3 = 2 (+2 German Bonus from 1942) = 4, which is a SUCCESS! Both Units move into Kursk.


A Hungarian Unit enters the battle, HUN2 is stationed in Budapest, removing the Garrison.

An Italian Unit enters the campaign, ITA8 joins the Rumanians in Bucharest. Please note (from the turn track), the ITA8 unit will be automatically destroyed in Autumn 1943! They need to get in the fight quick!

Soviet Attacks:

This is the first turn that the Easy settings allow for Soviet Attacks. There are three attacks in total. You roll for attack location, then roll for attack resolution.

#1 Location Roll 1d6 = 1, Demayansk/Berlin, attack Velikje Luki. Resolution Roll 1d3 = 1 = No Effect!

#2 Location Roll 1d6 = 1, Demayansk/Berlin, attack Velikje Luki. Resolution Roll 1d3 = 2 = Retreat! AGN18 pulls back to Kurland.

#3 Location Roll 1d6 = 6, Weakest Point, attack Smolensk. Resolution Roll 1d3 = 2 = Retreat! AGC9 retreats back to Minsk.

Finally, the Soviets begin to apply resistance to the German push.

You can see the retreats from the German front line has left the two Units (AGC2/AGC4) in Kursk isolated and encircled. This is bad. I’ll have to try and breach the “gap” at Smolensk or Kharkov so that I can connect them to German Command again.


Summer 1942

As the warmer dryer weather approaches, the German High Command are determined to rescue Army Group Centre.


HUN2 move into Slovakia. Budapest is Garrisoned.


RUM3/RUM4 attack Odessa (via amphibious assault*). 2 Units Roll 1d3 = 1 (+0 Bonus) = 1, Attack FAILS badly. Lose RUM3 unit, now placed on Summer 1943 reinforcement track.

AGC2 attacks Smolensk. 1 Unit Rolls 1d3 = 1 (+2 German Bonus for 1942) = 3, Attack succeeds, but lose one Unit. AGC2 is lost and placed on Autumn 1943 reinforcement track.

AGN18 attacks Velikje Luki. 1 Unit Rolls 1d3 = 2 (+2 German Bonus for 1942) = 4, a SUCCESS! AGN18 moves into Velikje Luki.

* – I’m not sure you can attack across the sea lanes.


Native German troops arrive in Berlin. GER8 is stationed in Germany’s Capital (removing Garrison).

Soviet Attacks:

The Summer weather only affords the Soviets a single counter attack.

#1 Location Roll 1d6 = 2, Gorky/Minsk, attack Minsk. Resolution Roll 1d3 = 1 = No Effect!

I have failed miserably to connect with stranded Army Group Centre, I’ve lost Rumanians to Odessa. The only upside is that the Soviet’s haven’t fully got their forces together to make multiple attacks. The year rolls on..


Autumn 1942

Things are turning colder again.

Move: In an attempt to support the front lines, I need troops forward to make any attacks at all!

HUN2 moves into Moldovia. Joins with AGC6.  Slovakia is Garrisoned.

GER8 moves into Silesia, removing the Garrison. Berlin is once again Garrisoned.


AGC6 attacks Odessa. 1 Unit Rolls 1d3 = 3 (+2 German Bonus from 1942) = 5, a SUCCESS! AGC6 moves into Odessa, capturing the Port.

Reinforcements: No reinforcements are available this turn.

Soviet Attacks: Running the game under the “Easy” settings there are no Soviet counter-attacks planned for the remainder of this year!

I’ve lost a number of units, and am starting to feel the pinch when it comes to having spare units to throw into the attacks. Also, as 1942 wanes, my bonuses are dwindling, making the rolls to success harder to achieve. The Soviets will now step up their counter-attacks, when I’m at my most weakest. All I can hope for is that my reinforcements can land in key places to stop the Red Tide from washing all my conquests away!

Join me, as I attempt to stem the backwash from the cruel and relentless waves flooding the Motherland.


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