Armies of Glory

Screenshots have been added to the Rise of Rome expansion information page for Slitherine’s Field of Glory game, and they hint at the future expansion packs on offer.

The Rise of Rome expansion is to be released today, but you can secure a pre-order still for a discounted price of £11.99. The pack includes the following :

  • A comprehensive Digital Army Generator (D.A.G.) which allows you to design armies to a specific number of points and then take these armies in to single player against the AI or online in multiplayer. Making its first ever appearance on a Slitherine title, the D.A.G. is a powerful tool for any wargames addict !
  • New random battle generator using armies created in the army builder for single and multiplayer.
  • A new Line of Sight option. Games can be played with or without LOS. Hide battlegroups in terrain, behind hills or other troops. Beware of ambushes!
  • Baggage camps which appear in battle and can be looted for bonus points. Some armies are allowed to fortify their baggage.
  • Temporary fortifications such as palisades which can be defended.
  • Over 100 new unit types including camelry, scythed chariots and artillery!
  • 5 New terrain types: broken ground, impassable terrain, open fields, plantations & steep hills.
  • 6 new battles from the Greek & Persian wars, Macedonian & Punic War’s and from Rome’s expansion.

The DAG being the highlight of the expansion, affording a ‘skirmish mode’ for ancient wargamers.

The future packs shown in the screenshot, namely “Storm of Arrows“, “Immortal Fire“, and “Swords and Scimitars” are the next books in line for the tabletop game that the PC game is based on. Whilst there has been no official announcement of these expansions, its safe to assume Slitherine would like to capitalise on all the expansions for their tabletop game in the PC game.

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