Armada 2526 Supernovanewbie AAR – Turn 4

Turn 4

My Eastern Flotilla reaches the Rich Planetary system of Nu Octantis, and my Robotic Advisor says I should “Found a Colony”.

Lo and behold! My first Colony, Troy! With all the wealth and riches of the Galaxy just waiting to be plucked from her Bosom.

It looks like I couldn’t have attempted a colonisation on this Eccentric Planet at a worse time, with the Habitability Range set at 2 and falling, its going to be rough for my colonists for a while. Imagine a time when that Habitability begins to rise though! Think Happy Thoughts!

I’m reliably informed that Troy has a bonus on Biodiversity, and any bio research buildings constructed here will give a 40% bonus! Hows that going to help me defeat the incoming hostiles?! Something to bear in mind, later on though, I guess.

Looking at Troy’s stats, it seems we’re making a loss of 32 every turn. The environment is pretty hostile to my colonists at -3! Which is obviously reflected in the Unhappiness score of -2, but the Frontier Spirit manages to lift the Popularity figure into the positive. With the accompanying ships in orbit, security sees a bonus to level 7 and Growth at the moment doesn’t seem too bad, not much more different than on Earth.

One thing I decide to set, is limit the Terran emigration from the planet. I’m trying to get people to go and work on this mining planet, so the last thing I want to allow is my people to leave on the next transport available! You can control both immigration and emigration (for Aliens and your race) from the bottom panel of the World Screen.

Next up is to ship out the first batch of workers from Earth to Troy, to boost the population there, and get them working. I load up my 5 transports with Human population and order the Transports to ferry/shuttle population back and forth between the two planets.

I put the initial population straight to work on constructing a mine, in the hope that we can get some funds rolling in, to cover the current loss. It’ll take 3 turns to get this mine operational, but when it kicks in it should generate 130 credits per turn. Pollution might be a factor, but we’ll deal with that when we come to it.

Obsessionally, I check how the research on Advanced Mining is coming along. 19 turns away. Seems like an eternity.

Finally, I review Earth’s stats. We’ve lost 10 credits of tax, have lost a little in Ship Upkeep expenses (presumably because the Scout was sent out last turn), and the Growth rate seems to have stabilised.

Well, we’ve taken our first steps towards expansion, I’m happy to have something to aim for, rather than just waiting on ship transit. But I do worry about Troy’s eccentric atmosphere, and what it might do, as it falls to zero, when my 5 transports hit the atmosphere and try to land there.

Join me next time, for the rest of the journey among the Stars.


1 thought on “Armada 2526 Supernovanewbie AAR – Turn 4

  1. Hi, again! I liked that you set the transports to bring population to the new colony; it’ll really pay to get the new colony off the ground. I usually prefer giving transports a certain amount of “times to repeat” – rather than set them to auto or “forever” because other colonies will soon need settlers too and I’m stingy about building more transports or taking too many people off the homeworld. But it probably isn’t crucial. The Human Union prospers!

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