Armada 2526 Supernovanewbie AAR – Turn 2 & 3

Turn 2

As we power our way into Turn 2 with our thrusters firing, you can see we still have a way to go, to get to the twin destinations, both East and West.

I thought I’d show you the mini-map, which gives you an idea as to the size of the Galaxy, and where abouts my Home-world is situated. Basically, the green dot is Earth, and the opaque rectangle is the screen map, the rest of it is unknown territory (but it is quite small), so expect some sort of hostile action soon – hopefully I can stock up on hardware and find Martok before it all kicks off.

Checking on the Advanced mining research, its moved along. It’s going to take another 21 turns to complete though, at the current level of research.

The production queue is about half way through the build of the Light Industry upgrade and a new Scout ship. Another turn should see it complete.

Not much to worry about this turn, we’re waiting on the flight times of our two flotillas, so here’s the current stats for Earth on Turn 2, for comparison sake. From last turn, ship upkeep has dropped by 100, we’ve got 10 more income, and the growth rate has just dropped under 2 %.


Turn 3

Once again, we’re counting the turns until our expeditions reach the intended targets. The Eastern group should reach the Rich planetary system Nu Octantis next turn.

This turn, our shipyard produced a new Scout! So without further ado, I quickly send it out to check out an unexplored orange star system in the South Eastern quadrant, ETA 3 turns. I figure it’s worth getting as much information about our surrounding systems as soon as possible, so we can make informed decisions about colonisation once our industrial might starts to pick up a bit.

Also, we managed to upgrade our construction yard to light industry, giving us new build options in the production queue. The icons from left to right are: Mine, Police station, Upgrade Industry, Upgrade Shipyard, Research Station, Construction yard, or a Landing Station. I decide Earth should become a place for Interstellar Commerce, and for that we’ll need a Landing Station. Fairly cheap investment, with a little upkeep, but hopefully it will start to reap benefits later on.

Once again, I check upon the research into Advanced Mining, and we’re now down to a 20 turn wait. I’m not sure I need to keep a tab on this every turn to be honest, but I go there out of a sense of longing for advanced tech. If I can build some research stations (or even specialised ones) I should be able to start and cut the turn time at some point. Still finding my feet here, trying to get the balance.

Finally, at the end of Turn 3, we check the stats. Gained 10 income, upkeep has gone up a little, and growth rate seems to have dropped!

Hopefully Turn 4 will have some more interesting stuff to worry about and do something about.

Join me next time, for the rest of the journey among the Stars.


4 thoughts on “Armada 2526 Supernovanewbie AAR – Turn 2 & 3

  1. I’m enjoying the AAR so far. I might have queued Upgrade Industry first(rather than the Landing Station) so that specialized research labs become available that much sooner. Early on, when colonies are small, trade is minor compared to better production/weapons/hyperspace travel.

    One thing about Armada,frequently a less than ideal planet must be considered for colonization in order to reach planets outside the range of Ark ships. Having wormholes helps, but they can be unreliable/unavailable. (Later on, poor planets are worth considering, despite the costs, in order to develop them as research centers.)

    But I’m just speculating. The universe is still young!

  2. @ JonathanStrange, I think I was be-dazzled by the idea of Earth as a major station for Commerce – I’ve probably got a touch of the “Babylon 5 complex”. I suppose I should be trying to get weapons research out as soon as possible – so I can at least think about presenting a half decent fighting force when the zerg expansionists come knockin at my door!

    I’ve not ever got to a stage in an Armada game where I can use wormholes, so they’re a bit of an unknown quantity to me. But they sound like they might be worth investigating.

    I’m not quite sure why my Growth % has dropped, I’d have thought it would have been increasing slightly. I can see getting my head around the figures is going to be part of the battle here.

    Thanks for the hints/tips Jonathan, if you want, please feel free to keep them coming! 🙂

  3. I’m no expert! I just like kibitzing. I think, for example, for Trade both planets must have the appropriate buildings and new colonies have limited areas/people. Early mining and research generates enough money and crucial techs to spring ahead.

    My experience with Armada’s human population growth rate ( the game gives us all the factors -like pollution, crowding, planetary quality – that effect population growth rate) is that percentage growth will decrease as the population approaches its peak. That’s why it’s good to help out new colonies with transported settlers; you ease pressure on the Homeworlds which quickly replace the emigrants and help the new colonies “unlock” building spaces.

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