Age of Rifles: Last Stand at the Little Sphinx – Turn 6

Turn 6

It was two months ago, we left the lads around Isandlwana in a nasty position. Lets follow how Turn 6 unfolded.

I can only sum up the situation as being “Grim”. The shattered eastern line of defense is now being overrun with hordes of Zulu warriors. With blood-lust in their eyes they charge towards the Little Sphinx suffocating and obliterating all in their way. They being to swing around to the South of the Sphinx, and the open Victory Positions there.

In a desperate attempt at defiance, the British men form orderly lines to commit to this last stand.

Their volleys of fire cut through the advancing Zulu’s but cannot stem the flow of urging rampant bodies. You can only bayonet one man at a time.

At the North of the Sphinx, the elevated strong hold fends off what they can, as they too are swamped  by Zulu combatants.

With the supply cut, the lines of British at the head of the Sphinx are now out of Ammo. Clubbing the Zulu’s with their Martini-Henry rifles or stabbing with the bayonet is all they can do now.

The Zulu pressure exerted upon the camp at Isandlwana has forced the British to relinquish another Victory Objective. With little or no ammo, and more Zulu’s arriving surely utter devastation is not far away.

The strategic map shows the encirclement of the Colonial troops around the mighty Isandlwana.

During the Zulu turn, the brave stance held at the Little Dongas to the west has come to an end. The Leader has been wounded, the Rocket Battery eliminated and plenty of British soldiers lie dead on these dusty arid plains.

Tune in for turn 7, and witness more of the massacre at Isandlwana!

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