Age of Rifles: Last Stand at the Little Sphinx – Turn 5

Turn 5

We left the AAR in a very grave position at the end of Turn 4 with the Zulu’s in to the main camp at Isandlwana, at the foot of the little Sphinx. The British struggle continues.

The elevated colonial troops are firing down upon wave after wave of swarming Zulu warriors, chopping their numbers considerably, but still more come. Close to the front lines the Zulu’s take a hammering.

Having breached the eastern line of the Camp, the Zulu’s continue their charge Southwards pushing the fleeing British at the tips of their spears. The N/5 Royal Artillery gun limbers up and makes an attempt to fall back.

On the far western edge of the Little sphinx, Zulu’s have already begun to make their way along the dirt road leading to the supply camp on the way towards Rorke’s Drift. Without any defensive troops at the edge of the map, the whole British line of supply is effectively cut, with an exposed Victory objective just waiting to be captured.

Turning eastwards the front lines attempt to cover some of the carnage unfolding at the camp.

The Cavalrymen entrenched in the dongas to the North East of the sphinx, pick off advancing zulu stragglers and mop up any routing/retreating units.

The leftover troops from the trouncing of the Rocket battery, are trying to survive in the Little Donga. Pulling back and reforming in the natural trench they’re hoping for a miracle.

The strategic map at turn 5 shows the damage done by the collapse of the east flank protecting the Camp.

Two more Victory objectives have been taken by the charging Zulu’s!

Upon the Zulu turn, the Little Sphinx is encircled, and any British troops fleeing the eastern charge, are squeezed between the advance of the Zulu amabutho coming round the mountain. We lose our Commander and a considerable amount of men, at this the focal point where the two Zulu horn’s of attack meet.

Finally, the brave men in the Little Donga succumb to the power of the Zulu advance, and are all but a few stragglers left.

It seems as if the writing is on the wall for the remaining British troops, trapped at the front, on high ground, encircled, with their camp in ruin. Their supply cut off. The Zulu’s only have to squeeze their numbers together to wrestle the life out of the remaining colonial soldiers.

Tune in next time, for turn 6.

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