Age of Rifles: Last Stand at the Little Sphinx – Turn 4

Turn 4

At the head of the “Little Sphinx” the Zulu’s have managed to swarm all around our position, making moves to surround the British Camp at Isandlwana. What becomes worryingly apparent is that the feisty zulu’s coming around the western edge of the hill, are continuing their push, perhaps to come around the rear of my camp!

During the Zulu phase at the end of Turn3 the Right Horn of the Zulu Advance slammed into my Rocket Battery and the few men stationed in the East. The Zulu’s take another VP (you can see in their blood-lust they’ve only captured two of the three VP hexes).  I immediately pull back the stragglers from the Eastern massacre and try to entrench them in the defensive Donga’s (deep gullies) west.

The frontal swarm begin to push against my lines on the eastern side of the Camp. I let loose volley’s of fire to thin them down, but there are so many of them and we have little in the way of protection!

I manage to reform the Men from the Eastern flank in the Little Donga. They’ve already taken some punishment, can they hold out now that they’re firing from a more defensive position?

A lucky shot from the Little Donga troop manage to take out the infamous Zulu leader of the iNgobamakhosi ibutho, uSigwelewele!

Stationed North East of the Sphinx, in the dongas our entrenched and dismounted Cavalry manage to pick off a number of the Loins Zulu’s from the rear, as well as force a surrender of the leader umKlanga.

Here’s the strategic map at the end of the British Turn 4. Two VP’s down.

Zulu Victory level creeps up as they overwhelm my peripheral troops. An oversight on the AI was to leave a VP position in our control.

During the Zulu phase, the frontal swarm pushes hard against the cornerstone of my line defense, and slays British leader Lonsdale, along with the 9th Company 1/3 NNC.

Continuing the thrust of the Loins, another British Leader Porteus is slain, along with E Company of the 1/24th Regiment of Foot!

More carnage on the East flank of the Sphinx, the British Camp is overwhelmed and we lose our artillery gun. The advancing Zulu’s are now in our camp and will no doubt punch a hole through to our wagon camp just south of Isandlwana hill collecting the VP’s on the way. This is looking bad for us. But historically accurate.

Tune in next time for more desperate attempts to salvage our Colonial pride.



1 thought on “Age of Rifles: Last Stand at the Little Sphinx – Turn 4

  1. I’m a wargamer. And wargamers know quality when they see it. True hard-core players demand three things: realism, control, and depth. Rifles has all three.

    My single reservation with Age of Rifles it’s that the AI isn’t always as bright as it could be. I watched the AI chase down broken units while abandoning their victory hexes on many occasions for example.

    But in the end, Rifles is a deep, satisfying, very entertaining wargame.

    [blog]: Space Strategy Games Sector

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