Age of Rifles: Last Stand at the Little Sphinx – Turn 3

Turn 3

Something I missed on the last post was the final stage of Turn 2 and the Zulu combat. So here is the screenshot describing the devastating events of the last throes of Turn 2.

As you can see, the troops supporting the Rocket Battery take a bit of a pasting when the Right Horn of the Zulu’s manage to get into melee range, around the southern edge of the Koppie. The Leader Stafford was killed, along with the E Company 1/1 of the NNC! We lose a lot of men here.

So onto Turn 3 proper. The Zulu’s have moved swiftly South and have begun their assault at the foot of the “Little Sphinx”. The defensive line takes aim and thins out their numbers with volley’s of shot from their Martini-Henry rifles.

Having dismounted and entrenched my Natal Native Horse (NNH) in the squirming Dongas (gullies), they fire upon the charging Zulu’s rear.

Without protection, focused on getting to the camp at Isandlwana, they take a small number of losses from this harassing fire from behind.

Over in the Eastern camp things are looking dire. The Zulu’s crested the Conical Koppie and slammed into the small camp there, killing a number of British and disrupting their defensive formation. It’s difficult to see when the unit’s are displayed, but I think the Zulu’s have claimed a hex with  a Victory Objective in it.

Here’s the Strategic Map, showing the Zulu advance from the Northern Hills.

The Scenario Report lets us know that the Zulu’s have managed to secure an objective, our firmly planted British shoes begin the slide down the historical slippery slope.

During the Zulu phase of Turn 3, the disrupted troops on the Eastern flank managed to pick at a few Zulu’s. However two of the British Guns are lost. I was hoping for a stiffer defense in the East, at this rate this pocket of Zulu Warriors will be on my flank at the “Little Sphinx” before you know it, and they’ll cause maximum damage there.

Tune in for the next session, and see how the red coated army with its native support survive the onslaught of the Mighty Zulu Warrior Army!

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