Field of Glory

Field of Glory (FoG)is a turn based PC wargame based around a sub-set of the similarly named tabletop miniatures wargame from Slitherine Strategies. The game’s units have been photographed from real FoG miniatures, in an attempt to re-crate the tabletop game, but to include a worthy AI and multiplayer base to pit your tactical wits against.

FoG is an easy game to play, the mechanics are surprisingly simple, however the underlying combat calculations and cohesion tests are detailed enough to simulate Ancient Warfare.

Jumping into the game without much in the way of research, using my laymans strategic skills of a thousand turn based strategy games, I expected to put up a fair fight against the AI. However, I found the game requires a more thorough knowlegde of how units fought in Ancient times to tackle the normal AI settings. So I thought I’d ask for help in the community, to find a “coach” to take me through a game, turn by turn, and to explain and guide me as best as they could, and I’d document the whole procedure for other newcomers to the game to read and digest. In the hope that it will inspire them to go out, buy the game, and get playing.

Luckily a chap known as Makris said he’d help me, and he chose a scenario he’s played a number of times, to take me through a game. Offering advice as we played. Here is that After Action Report (AAR)

THE BATTLE OF TUNIS (255 B.C.) – Romans vs Carthaginians

As luck would have it, Troy Goodfellow (a Strategist, Ancient Historian, Blogger and Podcaster extraordinaire) agreed to play through another game of Field of Glory with me. He chose the Battle of Cynoscephalae, between the Romans and the Macedonians.

THE BATTLE OF CYNOSCEPHALAE (197 B.C.) – Romans vs Macedonians

If I find any other AAR’s for FoG games, I thought I’d post the links here:

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