Solium Infernum

SOLIUM INFERNUM – Game Log (After Action Report)

Solium Infernum

Solium Infernum (SI) is a turn based strategy game that plays out like a boardgame. It’s got territory control, army building, hero management, RPG stat progression, diplomacy, event card and resource collecting, several types of combat and strict rules from Hell to adhere to where combat is concerned. In fact combat is so proceduralised and formal, that it requires a lot of effort to get it going against other players.. fantastic! So, since SI supports PBeM (Play By eMail) multiplayer functionality, I signed up to a game on the Cryptic Comet forums with a friend of mine, Fumanstu, from The Claw.

After Turn 3 in the game, I thought it would be interesting to play out each turn and document it, the mechanics and the thought processes required. This Log of turns played out could then serve to help other newcomers to the game, and also perhaps allow for feedback to get other opinions on the choices I made, or where I went wrong with my strategic decisions.  So here it is, in its entirity, turn by turn, blow by blow, from my perspective.

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Hell's Tales

  1. Hell’s Tales – A blog detailing an SI game organised on the Quarter to Three Forums, with JM creating the commentary, some of which has been withheld for the moment, because the game is still in progress, however all will be revealed when the game ends.
  2. Josh  Bycer’s Mind’s Eye Game diary also looks at SI and discusses the game as its played out. Here’s the link to Turn 1, be sure to check his other submissions as he adds to them.
  3. Son of Montfort has a Game diary going on the forums, check out his AAR here.
  4. There are a couple of SI AAR’s going on over at Octopus Overlords: Archinerd hosting Octopus Underlords AAR here. LordMortis hosting SI PBEM Game 2 AAR here. A Third SI PBeM Game and its AAR is here.
  5. Rock Paper Shotgun, has recently posted up a continuing AAR, entitled Who Will Rule Hell?
  6. Hentzau’s Private Hell is another perspective on the Rock Paper Shotgun game (Hentzau is ‘Scrofula’)
  7. The Poisoned Sponge is yet another perspective on the RPS game.

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