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I’ve been interested in the American Civil War for a good while, ever since I saw Gettysburg the film, and then listened to the audiobook entitled “The Killer Angels” on which the film was based. I’ve dabbled in a lot of ACW strategy and wargames. One which has eluded my attention because I could never quite grasp its concepts was Ageod’s offering The American Civil War: The Blue and the Gray.

I’ve heard many good things about AGEOD‘s gaming system, and they have a number of titles out that follow similar rules and mechanisms, so I thought it was about time I knuckled down and made the effort to ingest the details and play this game. One which looks deliciously complex from the out of supply boundaries of ignorance.

Its taken me a day and a half to become comfortable enough to run through a short 10 turn scenario on easy difficulty. So please, don’t expect this to be an education in the strategic nuances of the game. My AAR is pitched more at the  “Newbie has a go” level. I hope with this commentary I can open the AGEOD box for others who have been daunted by their titles in the past, but also spark some debate from people who know the game, and want to share their knowledge and experience with us all.

You can access all the Shiloh AAR pages as PDF files from here, download them as a zip file:

The Shiloh AAR – For Beginners


Turn 1

Turn 2

Turn 3

Turn 4

Turn 5

Turn 6

Turn 7

Turn 8

Turn 9 (FINAL)

4 thoughts on “AGEOD’s American Civil War

  1. After making a concious effort to learn the basics of the game, I’ve started to really enjoy it. I think the biggest benefit is that it opens up the whole AGE engine range of games, because they’re all based around this sort of model.

    I still remember the two or three times I sat down to get into it, and couldn’t – it took time and a willingness to spend that time with the game to force myself over the learning curve. Having other folks to talk to about the game was really helpful, their insights can be worth 100’s of dry manual pages.

  2. @Blunt Force – War Between the States is a bear, but it’s a snuggly pink teddy bear, as compared to his War in the East. 😉

    The way commanders are handled is quite interesting; geared around specialization, as the base system, but with a truly meaningful impact on troop quality. I’m no expert on ACW and I only played a few games against the AI, but I enjoyed it, although it isn’t my “goto” game or anything.

  3. I have all three.

    I have played Forge of Freedom the most. This is because it is easy for me to get into and I can finish a game in about 1 day if I do not do detailed battles, which I usually do not. I do the mid-type battles where units are placed on a grid and fight.

    I think I like Ageod’s the best.

    I like GGrigsby’s Civil War the least. I don’t like how it handles activations. I’m just not a big fan of it.

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