After Action Reports

I present a collection of my gaming exploits, cobbled together as After Action Reports (AAR).


A Few Acres of Snow (vs Bruce Geryk) 1-56-1011-15...
Age of Rifles Last Stand at the Little Sphinx1234567...
AGEOD's American Civil War Bloody Shiloh123456789Done
Armada 2526 Supernovanewbie1234...
Barbarossa Solitaire (Boardgame)194119421943...
Combat Command Battle of the Blogs: Heraklion1End
Command Modern Naval/Air Operations  Air Tutorial12Done
Command Ops: Battles from the Bulge Hell on Wheels1Done
Command Ops: Battles of the Bulge The Push to St. Vith1Done
Conflicts: Rommel & Afrika Korps (Android)12...
Day of the Spears II1Done
Decisive Campaigns: Case Blue  2nd Kharkov (Preview)123...
Decisive Campaigns: Warsaw to Paris Battle of the Blogs: Bzura (SFG)123456789101112Done
Decisive Campaigns: Warsaw to Paris Battle of the Blogs: Bzura (FoW)123456789101112Done
Decisive Campaigns: Warsaw to Paris Battle of the Blogs: Operation Sealion (SFG)12345678910Done
Decisive Campaigns: Warsaw to Paris Battle of the Blogs: Operation Sealion (FoW)12345678910Done
Decisive Campaigns: Warsaw to Paris Slag om Nederland12345678Done
Field of Glory Battle of Tunis (vs Makris)123456789Done
Field of Glory Battle of Cynoscephalae (vs Troy Goodfellow)123456789Done
Future Force  1...
Germany At War  Battle of Dubno-Brody1...
Revolution Under Siege  The Ice March123...
Russo-German War  Crimean Break In12345678910Done
September 1939 Invasion of Poland1234...
Six Gun Saga Lucien's Fist12345678910Done
Solium Infernum 4-56-78-910-1112-1314-1516-1718-1920-21...
Squad Battles Modern War12345678Done
The Drift 1879  123456Done
Unity of Command Crimea1Done
Unity of Command Voronezh123456Done
Zulus on the Ramparts (Boardgame)1234567Done

3 thoughts on “After Action Reports

  1. Any chance of a Darkest Hour AAR? And is BftB worth the stonking amount of cash they are asking for it?

  2. I’d struggle to come up with an AAR of Darkest Hour (the expansion mod for the Red Orchestra realistic multiplayer FPS games) – mainly because it is a multiplayer game, and I don’t really play it enough (with the same regulars) to know the maps and any relevant/interesting strategy to employ. I basically play Darkest Hour to just get a feel for WW2 combat that isn’t a run and gun lone wolf quake-a-thon. But ultimately, I die alot. Would make for pretty poor reading 🙂

    As far as Command Ops:Battles from the Bulge is concerned, if you feel an affinity with the unique pausable real-time macro-management gameplay, its worth a punt. Because of the reactive AI, rather than scripted AI, you should get hours of play from each scenario as it will play out differently depending upon your strategy. I’d say, watch some of the video tutorials posted on YouTube, download and try the Demo, and if after that you’re still impressed with the game then pull the trigger. All Panthergames previous offerings will become open to you once you learn how to play BftB. Thats a whole lot of World War II gaming there.

  3. Hi folks. It looks like the price has come down for Battles from the Bulge. I don’t have it, but it has made me rethink possibly getting it.

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