AACW – Shiloh AAR – Turn 8

Turn 8

All hell breaks out in Turn 8. As McClernand and his Corps step out of the town of Humboldt, he goes into battle with Leonidas Polk, and exerts quite a toll on the Confederate General. With 25000 Union men, 10000 horses and 123 Cannons against 5600 Confederate men, 2500 horses and 24 Cannons a Union Victory is declared!

At Fort Donelson, Thomas is forced to defend against an attack from General Beauregard, but with considerable numbers in our favour we lose no men to nearly 600 of the Confederates! Another Union Victory results! Fort Donelson is safe again, for now.

As Wallace marches westwards towards Memphis, he storms through Maddison County and puts paid to the Militia stationed there. 22000 Union men roll over 450 Confederate defenders – they are massacred, each and every last one. Another Union Victory, although I take no pride in this wholesale execution. They were simply in the path of a determined force, wrong place, wrong time.

During the chaos and melee of the Battle of Humboldt, McClernand’s Corps falls apart due to lack of supplies. The men’s spirit broke there out on the killing fields and they simply fled for their lives. Only Sherman’s Division remains intact. A major blow to the General who held inside the heavily besieged town for so long.

If we check back to the original composition of McClernand’s Corps, we can see it was Prentiss’ Division and the loose Cavalry and Artillery units that abandoned their leader after the Battle.

Its also interesting to note that the stars (asterisks) next to the General’s name in the tooltips change from from six limbed symbols to four limbed symbols, and McClernand’s Strategic/Offensive/Defensive (SOD) rating has taken a nose dive from (5-4-3) to (4-3-3)!

As I reel from the dismemberment of McClernand’s Corps, I totally miss the fact that Crittenden has secured Corinth without a fight! One of the objective cities has been captured!

No time to celebrate, with the game sinking into its twilight turns, its time to lay down what I like to call The BIG PLAY. My final push to secure Memphis. I immediately set Wallace and his Corps of the Army of the Tennessee to skirt through Bolivar and Somerville and head straight into Memphis – in assault mode.

I detach General R. Johnson’s Division from Crittenden’s Corps and order them to enter Corinth and take a defensive stance to hold the place at all costs. In support of Wallace, I send Crittenden’s remaining Corps through Holly Springs and into Memphis also.

This is it. It stands or falls on this.

My final thought before the next turn is to get McClernand and Sherman out of the Humboldt area and back to Fort Henry. I set them on a course of a speedy retreat. I shouldn’t have locked them up in that town for so long, taking punishment without ammo and supplies. Its the least I can do, to get them back to relative safety and some rest and recuperation.

Well the wheels have been set in motion, theres only one turn left, and my BIG PLAY is out on the table now.

We’ll just have to see how it goes. Time for a tot of brandy and a song around the campfire, for that time has come…

1 thought on “AACW – Shiloh AAR – Turn 8

  1. I eagerly await the conclusion to this one. The AAR has been fantastic.

    It makes me want to fire up Rise of Prussia and give it another chance.

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