AACW – Shiloh AAR – Turn 7

Turn 7

Much to my surprise the Army of Mississippi lead by General Beauregard didn’t attack Fort Donelson this turn, so Thomas and his Right Wing Corps of the Army of Ohio (AoO) is safe for now, fortifying the barracades.

General Crittenden’s Left Wing Corp of the AoO is maintaining the siege upon Corinth, assembling and readying his troops to assault the city and take it.

General McClernand leading his Corps of the Army of the Tennessee (AotT) has been under siege since he first moved into Humboldt. Its about time he pulled out of the city and confronted the opposing force face to face. If I’m right in assuming the yellow “bubble” bar under his miniature indicates he’s low on supply. He’s been systematically starved for a number of turns now. I set his state to Offensive (the orange icon top left), and give the order to leave the city (the third icon with the yellow arrow coming out of a city structure). Its time to unleash General Sherman!

I figure since we’re on Turn 7 and the scenario only has a total of 9 Turns in it, its about time I made my offensive play. I plan to pull General Wallace and his Corps of the AotT out of Decaturville and push hard through Madison County to the west. I toyed with the idea of sending him to north west to McClernand’s aid, but figured McClernand should be able to handle himself enough to allow me a more active thrust towards my main objective Memphis. Wallace’s troops should be fresh enough to plough a deep furrow through what resistance is settled in the west. I set him to Offensive stance, and give the order to roll.

Can McClernand fight his way out of Humboldt? Can Wallace succeed in pushing west fast enough? Can Thomas hold out in Fort Donelson? Will Crittenden ever move his men into Corinth? Keep watching folks..

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