AACW – Shiloh AAR – Turn 6

Turn 6

Thomas’ Right Wing Corps of the Army of Ohio attempt their take back of Fort Donelson. From the Battle Report you can see that the battle was a swift affair with 13000 Union men going up against 2200 Confederate defenders. For the loss of 30 men and 30 horses the Union assault went well and laid waste to 615 defenders along with their mounts. The single cavalry unit stationed there was disbanded.

Finally, Crittenden’s Left Wing Corps of the Army of Ohio manages to siege the city of Corinth in Tippecanoe County. The city is defended by a single Militia unit.

In response to the take back from Thomas, General Beauregard and his sizeable Corps comes marching Southwards from Trigg County back into Fort Donelson to exact a swift and harsh revenge. Around the Fort Donelson area you can see that there is a bit of counter/miniature congestion on display – a jumble of Fort/Corps and Naval unit chits all overlapping each other. This clearly highlights one of the minor problems with the AGEOD system in small tight areas of contention.

With General Beauregard patrolling and attacking areas around my Army leaders positions, I decide its time to give General Buell some limited protection by mobilising the Kentucky Reserve currently stationed at Warren. I pack them in to trains and will get them into Montgomery in 1 day. From memory, the Kentucky Reserve were initially locked inside of Bowling Green in Warren County, but have become unlocked since.

The next turn will see if Beauregard will manage to push Thomas out of Fort Donelson once and for all.

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