AACW – Shiloh AAR – Turn 5

Turn 5

Our first battle! And its a defeat.

General P.G.T. Beauregard attacked the Fort with ovewhelming troop quatities, 47000 men to the defending force of 2000. As you can see, the Battle Report shows you a lot of information to take in, but ultimately, for me, its about the numbers involved and the losses taken.

A quick summary of the details (scanning down the Battle Report box):

The Name of the Battle, Date and the Outcome (Victory or Defeat).

The Generals involved showing a picture of the Commanding General and his Strategic-Offensive-Defensive (SOD) rating, along with the star ratings of the other sub-ordinate Generals.

The Numerical numbers of Men, Horses and Cannons on both sides.

The Initial Forces and a breakdown of all the elements involved in the Battle – the NATO symbols depicting types of units.

Casualties caused by Ranged attacks, any NATO symbols here would indicate units completely lost.

Casualties taken during the Assaulting phase of the Battle. You can see I’ve lost a Militia unit entirely.

Lastly there are numerous icons representing differing factors in play during the resolution – its worth going through these and becoming familiar with the icons. You have two 3×3 panels depicting levels of supply (food and ammo), along with entrenchment and other details including prisoners taken and units routed. You also have a bar across the center depicting a colourful ribbon of icons with luck scores and defensive stances and how they affect the combat whether beneficial or not.

At the bottom of this colourful ribbon are the actual loss values. In this case, I lose 461 men to the Confederacy’s 199 men and 30 horses.

I think we can all agree theres a lot of information there to digest, however the more you see of the rather intimidating Battle Report panel, the more you become familiar with the information positioning and presentation, and the better you are at interpreting the data at a glance. Take your time, look through the tooltips of some of the icons you get and soak up the factors affecting your Victory or Defeat. Obviously strength of numbers had a large part to play in this failed defense, and the Militia stationed in the Fort put up a good fight taking only double the casualties against a force many magnitudes larger than themselves.

Looking Southwards towards Corinth, we can see that Crittenden’s Left Wing Corps still had some way to go before it began its siege of Corinth, and they won’t arrive there till next turn. This is probably down to Crittenden failing his activation check and having a movement penalty forced upon him.

The activation check is determined by the Generals Strategic rating (from his SOD value) and Crittenden is only a 3 compared to a general like William T. Sherman with a 4, or Stonewall Jackson who has a 5.

After the scrap at Fort Donelson, it seems that the surrounding harbour area has been blockaded by enemy ships.  I think thats because the Enemy now have the Fort and I have gunboats in the area.

With the sting of defeat still in the air, I decide its time to get some payback. General Beauregard has left a small force in the Fort itself and has moved Northwards to take Trigg County. This means the time is right for General Thomas’ Right Wing of the Army of Ohio to push into Fort Donelson and attempt a take back. I set this up for the next turn.

From what I can tell, Beauregard has only left a Cavalry unit and an Artillery unit stationed in Stewart County itself. Heres hoping we can strike back for the loss of those 400 odd men laying dead around Fort Donelson.

1 thought on “AACW – Shiloh AAR – Turn 5

  1. I’m very interested in your AAR of this battle. I have played this scenario of AACW several times. I have not played any of the other scenarios much. The first few times I played it, I learned how to beat it and was beating it in most plays. Then I think I updated the game with a patch to the game and now it usually beats me.

    I try to concentrate the armies into two groups – The larger one and more powerful under Grant. The lesser one under Thomas, I believe. With Grant, I try to force an action between the large Confederate force running about. If you catch it right, you can defeat the large Confederate force early which puts them on the defensive for the rest of the scenario. This strategy has not been working lately, though.

    Good luck!

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