55% Indie

Cliffski from Positech Games has recently setup a showcase website for a bunch of like minded Indie games developers to promote their games together.

The site, SHOW ME THE GAMES!, currently lists 18 games in completely random order, dishing out a nice screenshot, some blurb and links to the demo, devs website, and purchase links. Its a nice visual collection that presents the indie titles colourfully and will hopefully inspire some people to give other titles depicted a try out.

Interestingly enough, out of the 18 games presented, I already own 10 of them and have actively supported/championed a number of them from their intial release (ArcengamesAI War, LongbowgamesHegemony: Philip of Macedon). If you missed it, check out sugarfreegamer’s Push the Phalanx article on Hegemony: Philip of Macedon.

So I reckon this makes about 55% Indie!

Take the challenge yourself and count up your indie score rating! If you’re less that 25% Indie, perhaps its time to check some of the titles presented at ‘SHOW ME THE GAMES!‘ out! – and don’t forget to check out sugarfreegamer’s Christmas shopping list for 10 Indie Games you SHOULD play!

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