Piercing Fortress Europa – Quick Look

Piercing Fortess Europa (a Frank Hunter game) has just been released over at Matrix.

Had a quick go at the first starter scenario, 16 turns, as the Axis and its basically a retreat back to Messina – trying to protect what you can with what you can eek out of the German and Italian forces.

The Allies landed at the Beach and near Gela, along with a sneaky drop between Syracuse and Catania. It was this last one that caused quite a bit of Supply issues leading out from Messina. So I decided to move my troops down to South coastal road and protect what I could from there.

The Allies overrun my troops in the South, and took Gela and Syracuse at one point – but by channelling units from the North and dropping purchased Fortifications I managed to hold the road – killing off the offending amphibious landing and opening the supply up a bit to Syracuse.

Finally managed to hold off pushes Eastwards on the road to Catania, and pushed back just enough to re-take Syracuse very late in the game (turn 16, I think).

Air was set to mainly Interdiction during the landings and then 50/50 with ground support, until towards the end, all on ground support. Not really sure what I was doing with it to be honest. But it felt like it was helping!

I reinforced where I could. Pulled back those who started to get >50% disruption.

Considering I wasn’t really sure what I was doing at parts of it, and the movement/supply mechanic is purely planning, the resolution happens simultaneously, I thought it went better than hoped.

Here’s the map at the end of the scenario.

PFE - Map

Axis Victory

PFE - Victory Screen

It’s quite a bare bones experience, no audio, limited animations (moving mainly). I’ve no idea how good/bad AI is, only to say that the starter scenario seems well equipped as a tutorial mess about for a complete novice. I liked the idea of only one true action per turn, and you’re quite limited, so your decisions need to be guided/planned out a little. Still without much of a clue what I was doing, I pulled off a decisive victory – so I’m contented. Will be interesting to see how it plays out with some of the more involved scenarios.

Click HERE to get the full manual, and read about the mechanics of the game.



After Action Reports – Wall of Shame

Right, I’ve finally got my act together and have set up a table of my AAR’s – the table shows all AAR’s, all parts completed, and even highlights the ones I neglected to finish. As I was compiling the table, I thought it would be a wall of shame, but upon completion – there are quite a few AAR’s that are complete. So only partially embarassing for me. However, it should give the reader a much better way to get to all the AAR’s and the relevant parts.

Click on the After Action Report menu item, or the image below.


Perhaps it should be known as the elipsis of shame “…” because when you see one of them in the table, you know I’ve been slacking.

Three Moves Ahead Podcast – Wargaming Highlight Reel

tma-wargamingBeen wanting to do this for a while, but the latest episode of the Three Moves Ahead (3MA, TMA) podcast, featuring SSG’s Korsun Pocket in their Winter of Wargaming season really nudged me into compiling a simple list of all the Wargaming related 3MA episodes, so far. They are now hosted on the Idle Thumbs Network.

This isn’t an exhaustive list, and I may have missed one or two mentions of certain wargames, but it is a list of pointers for wargamers to drink in the fascinating conversation over at Three Moves Ahead.

Kudos to Troy, Rob, Bruce, Tom, Julian and all the folks who have helped make 3MA absolute essential listening for many years.


So, in order:

3. Empire:Total War

4. War Plan Pacific

15. Hearts of Iron III

25. Hearts of Iron III, Time of Wrath, Making History, Commander: Europe at War, War Plan Pacific

27. Lock n Load: Heroes of Stalingrad

28. Crown of Glory: Emporer’s Edition

47. Scourge of War, Sid Meiers Gettysburg, Vainglory of Nations (later re-titled Pride of Nations)

55. Napoleon: Total War

60. Achtung Panzer

62. Gettysburg: Scourge of War

83. R.U.S.E.

86. Logistics and Supply (in AGEOD’s American Civil War)

88. Ethics, Morality and Motivation in Wargames & Wargaming

99. War in the East

104. More War in the East

106. Sengoku

108. Men of War

110. Total War: Shogun 2

112 The American Civil War

113. Panzer General

115. Revolution Under Siege

118. The Operational Art of War

121. Pride of Nations

125. Hegemony: Philip of Macedon

127. Panzer Corps

129. Combat Mission

139. Memoir ’44

146. The Air War

148. Unity of Command

152. A Few Acres of Snow

160. Wargame: European Escalation

165. Shogun 2: Fall of the Samurai expansion

167. Naval War: Arctic Circle

168. Bomber Command

183. Take Command: 2nd Manassas

198. War in the East

200. Shenandoah Studios’ Battle of the Bulge

205. Unity of Command

207. March of the Eagles

209. Desktop/Tabletop Wargaming

218. Europa Universalis IV

220. Company of Heroes

222. Wargame: AirLand Battle

224. More Company of Heroes

228. More Europa Universalis IV

231. Total War: Rome 2

232. Sid Meiers Gettysburg

242. Unity of Command: Black Turn

246. Total War: Rome 2 – Caesar in Gaul

247. Korsun Pocket